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Landlord / Tenant Issues
George Humphrey

Landlord/Tenant PPT

Landlord/Tenant Manuscript

Legal Ethics 
Nichole McLaughlin

Ethics PPT

Substance Abuse
Robert Nunley

Substance Abuse Pamphlet

Substance Abuse: Light and Life at the End of the Tunnel

Dependent Support Regulations 
Marie Joiner-Avon  / Michael Archer

Dependent Support Manuscript

Dependent Support Regulations

Casualty / Probate Issues 
Marie Joiner-Avon

Casualty Assistance PPT

Victims' Legal Counsel
Maj Stephen Valentine, US Army / Maj Richard Clonninger, USMC / LTC Ruth Cresenzo, Army National Guard

Victims Legal Counsel PPT


Child Custody
Shelby Benton

Child Custody PPT

Survivor Benefit Plan
Roy Ells

Survivor Benefit


Military Consumer Law
Michael Archer

Military Consumer Law

Servicemember Civil Relief Act
Mark Sullivan

SCRA Family Law Outline

SCRA Trial Lawyer's Guide

SCRA Family Law

Silent Partner Summary of SCRA

Judges Guide to Military Divorce

Military Pension Division 
Mark Sullivan

Military Pension Division

RC Pensions and Divorce - Part 1

RC Pensions and Divorce - Part 2

Silent Partner - CRDP & CRSC

Silent Partner - Docs for Division

Silent Partner - Master Checklist for Retirement Benefits

Silent Partner - MPD Scouting

Silent Partner - Servicemembers Strategy

Silent Partner - Spouse Strategy

Silent Partner - Wording