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Primer on Former Spouse Medical Benefits

The most common question asked by a non-military spouse in a military divorce case is “What are my benefits?” While this may sometimes refer to a share of the military pension, allocation of the Survivor Benefit Plan or division of accrued leave, the usual meaning is “What health care benefits can I receive?” A summary of the answers is found in this article.

A Teaspoon of TSP

The military retirement system does not end with the pension and the Survivor Benefit Plan.  Not to be overlooked is the third deferred compensation attribute of the system, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). This can be a valuable asset in property division, potentially containing tens of thousands of dollars of marital or community funds. Read more.

Estimating Military Retired Pay

From time to time, lawyers who do military divorce work will get inquiries regarding how to estimate a military pension or the monthly amount of the military retired pay of a member of the uniformed services. Read More

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