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Family Law

Child Support Options

Counseling on Custody and Visitation Issues

Counseling on Foreign Divorce

Custody and Single-Parent Enlistment

Custody Enforcement-Domestic (In the US)

Custody Orders and Rules for Military Benefits for Nondependent Children


Divorce and Domicile

Good to Go (And Return)

Hot Tips for Military Family Law Cases: A Baker's Dozen

Marriage and Annulment

Separation Agreements

Should I Get a Divorce Overseas?

Visitation Travel Costs


Answering a Lawsuit: Ten Rules

“The Clock is Ticking” – Dates and Deadlines in the Military Divorce Case

The Commandments of Cross-Examination: A Baker's Dozen

Military Pensions and Retirement Benefits Articles

A TERA Bite for Military Pension Clauses

Defending Against SBP in Divorce

Docs for Division

Family Support, Garnishment and Military Retired Pay

Frozen Benefit - 

Frozen Benefit Award – All Clauses Considered: Writing the Frozen Benefit Award

Frozen Benefit Award - Fixing the Frozen Benefit Award

Military Pension Division and the Frozen Benefit Rule: Nuts and Bolts

Military Pension Division and The Big Freeze: Rules, Remedies, and Res Judicata

Garnishment of VA Disability Compensation

Getting Military Pension Orders Honored by the Retired Pay Center

Guidance for Lawyers – the Survivor Benefit Plan

"Lost" Military Pensions: The Ten Commandments

Master Checklist for Military Retirement Benefits

Military Pension Division: Guidance for Lawyers

Military Pension Division: Scouting the Terrain

Military Pension Division: The "Evil" Twins" - CRDP and CRSC

Military Pension Division: The Servicemember's Strategy

Military Pension Division: The Spouse's Strategy

Military Pension Division Order: "Rejected"

SBP Update: Special Needs, New Spouses

The Blended Retirement System and Divorce

The Death of Indemnification?


Lawyer Resources and Referral

"The Old and the New" - SCRA Concordance

Rights of Military Personnel

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act