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Family Law

Child Support Options

Counseling on Custody and Visitation Issues

Counseling on Foreign Divorce

Custody and Single-Parent Enlistment

Custody Enforcement-Domestic (In the US)

Custody Orders and Rules for Military Benefits for Nondependent Children


Good to Go (And Return)

Hot Tips for Military Family Law Cases: A Baker's Dozen

Marriage and Annulment

Separation Agreements

Should I Get a Divorce Overseas?

Visitation Travel Costs


Answering a Lawsuit: Ten Rules

“The Clock is Ticking” – Dates and Deadlines in the Military Divorce Case

The Commandments of Cross-Examination: A Baker's Dozen

Military Pensions and Retirement Benefits Articles

A TERA Bite for Military Pension Clauses

Docs for Division

Family Support, Garnishment and Military Retired Pay

Garnishment of VA Disability Compensation

Getting Military Pension Orders Honored by the Retired Pay Center

Guidance 4 Lawyers – the Survivor Benefit Plan

Master Checklist for Military Retirement Benefits

Military Pension Division: Guidance for Lawyers

Military Pension Division: Scouting the Terrain

Military Pension Division: The "Evil" Twins" - CRDP and CRSC

Military Pension Division: The Servicemember's Strategy

Military Pension Division: The Spouse's Strategy

Military Pension Division Order: "Rejected"

SBP Update: Special Needs, New Spouses

The Blended Retirement System and Divorce


Lawyer Resources and Referral

"The Old and the New" - SCRA Concordance

Rights of Military Personnel

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act